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Business Simulations

Deep and Impactful Learning

A pilot goes through hundreds of hours of simulated training before piloting a real plane. Surgeons operate on cadavers for years before operating on real patients. Why this rigor? 

Because, their decision are high stakes, with no room for error. That is why they practice in safe learning environments to master their skills BEFORE putting them to use in the real world. 

Aren’t our decisions in the corporate world high stakes? As such, we have sourced for the best award winning range of business simulations to be integrated as parr of our solution suite. 

Explore Our Business Simulations

Agile Mindset

Built on the principles of the agile manifesto, and harnessing the power of gamification to engage, educate and empower learners, the simulation helps learners apply the principles of agile thinking in real life situation. 


To successfully complete the simulation, learners are expected to use a variety of leadership styles in response to tough situations and produce extraordinary results by energizing and inspiring the team.


In this Change Management simulation, where participants play the role of a change agent in a virtual organization. The objective is to secure the support of various stakeholders in the organization to bring in a transformational change.


This simulation helps managers learn the essentials of coaching and apply it in a safe, real-life like environment. Coaching is a complex skill, as a coach should not only motivate the team but also master the nuances of dealing with the inner emotions of a team member. The Coaching Sim has all these complexities built into itself, thereby making the learner exercise his faculty fully to have a successful coaching conversation.

Build Your Business

An exciting business acumen simulation where the participants step into the shoes of a CEO and takes decisions spanning HR, Finance, Marketing, R&D with an objective of maximizing net profits. The simulation tests the participants on concepts revolving around P&L management, operational decision making and strategic execution.

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