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The Exquisite Perspective Solutions Suite

We have 3 main categories of solutions that will help you and your organization in developing a better human resources by enforcing positive changes through addressing the 'human side' of your organization.

Training Workshops

Knowledge and Skills Development
Our instructor-led workshops covers a range of hard and soft skills that teaches leaders and their teams on how to accelerate their success. Our accomplished consultants share real life experiences, and create a safe and engaging environment for participants to learn and practice their new found knowledge.  The outcome is simple – our participants develop future ready skillsets that allows them to achieve consistent, stellar result in a VUCA environment.

Personality Assesments

Personality and Team Insight
The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest issues in psychology. We believe that both matters, and we believe in applying different strokes for different folks. That is why we have teamed up with the best psychometric tools in the market along the continnum, from comprehensive personality assessment (Workplace Big Five), relationship intelligence assessment (Strength Deployment Inventory), to MHS behavioural based assessments.

Business Simulations

Deep and Impactful Learning
A pilot goes through hundreds of hours of simulated training before piloting a real plane. Their decision are high stakes, thus practiced in safe learning environments to master their skills BEFORE putting them to use in the real world since there's no room for error. Aren’t our decisions in the corporate world high stakes? As such, we have sourced for the best award winning range of business simulations to be integrated as part of our solution suite.

Training Programs

Creating Trainer

In this workshop, we focus on the key skill areas critical to being a best-in-class trainer. Participants will learn how to enhance both their presentation style and ability to deliver an outstanding classroom experience.

Interactive Training Techniques

This workshop introduces over 15 types of effective training games, simulations, and activities to keep participants engaged in a classroom setting and the skill learnt will elevate trainers to the next level.

High Performance Leadership

This workshop enhances participants’ ability to lead and operate within a team, by increasing awareness of their own leadership style based on their motivations and improve their communication skills

Leading at the Speed of Change

Are you experiencing anxiety or uncertainty stemming from a merger, acquisition, outsourcing, facility closure, manpower change or some other organization change?

Essentials of Project Management

How much do failed projects cost our organisations?
Our schedule gets delayed, budgets are overrun, and quality suffers, damaging reputation and goodwill.

Managing Critical Relationship

Managing Critical Relationships provides the learner with the skills and tools necessary to master the intricacies of relationship management in the contemporary work context.

Design Driven Innovation

The ability to innovate is increasingly becoming an advantage in VUCA environment. In this workshop, we engage participants in meaningful discussions to explore the need for customer-focused thinking.

Agile Fundamental

Organizations in various industries from manufacturing to IT to healthcare are all utilizing Agile methods to gain traction and competitive advantage. Are you or your organization ready for Agile approach?

Negotiation for Advantage

This course provides an arsenal of strategies, tactics and skills that are effective in negotiations. The course is designed as a hands-on workshop that encourages participants to develop and test their skills.

Foundations of Business Analysis

The Foundations of Business Analysis is an introductory course designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the benefits, functions, and impact of the discipline of Business Analysis.

High Impact Presentation

Effective communication is critical. Your presentation makes the difference between success and failure. This course teaches how to properly refine your presentation for maximum influence, credibility, and impact.

Doing Less and Achieving More

In a challenging business environment, how can we incorporate sustainable use of time and resources to our routine to avoid burnout or getting overwhelmed, especially in the workplace?

First Line Leadership Essentials

First line managers are at the sharp end of the business. This workshop aims to help the first line manager to balance the competing demands they face, as they progress to the leadership role in the company.

Our Story

We realised through our work that for positive change to be sustained, a critical ingredient was to address the ‘human side’ of organisational development. However, despite proclaiming that human capital is the most important element of an organisation’s success, many companies lacked information about the human dynamics within the company. Thus, Exquisite Perspective was incorporated to focus on the following:

  • Enrich Minds through innovative facilitation techniques, simulations and encouraging meaning conversations. 
  • Help our clients derive new perspectives through practical design thinking and agility workshops, and upskilling inhouse facilitators, so that we can Empower Change.
  • Optimise talent through the use of psychometric profiling, increasing awareness of how to Enhance Collaboration and harness on each other’s strengths.

Why Exquisite Perspective?

With its roots as a HR consultancy offering a full range of solutions from executive search to talent development, Exquisite Perspective is well placed to provide insights on the latest trends in the job market, as well as an offer perspectives across a myriad of industries. Our methodology is grounded on the belief that participants learn best in a positive environment and successful change is seldom a one-off event. Our solutions are guided by the 3As:


Rather than bulldozing top down initiatives, we follow up by engaging change agents in conversations and follow up coaching.


Through profiling, and sharing of real world experiences, we create an awareness of the need to change, thus planting a seed that motivates change.


Through facilitated discussions, case studies and action based activities, participants pick up applicable skills that are needed to excel

Our Partners

Our Clients

Our consultants have worked with the following companies:

Client's Testimonial

See what our clients have said:

Weixi Tan is really good in sharing his knowledge about the subject matter. He also has this unique way of encouraging everyone to participate which has been very effective.


For such a technical topic, Weixi was very interactive and managed to get the participants very engaged throughout the course.


Weixi is very lively, there is never a dull moment in training.


His method is light, fun, and engaging. Keep up the good work!


Weixi is a very good and experienced instructor. He facillitated the training very well filled with fun, laughters, and information.


Weixi is one of the best I've encountered in training (both internal and external) in recent years.


He was full of energy. He seemed really knowledgeable about the course. Very accomodating to questions and answers them very well. There was no dull moment during the entire discussion of the course. He seemed really prepared on every session.


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