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Personality and Team Insight

PERSONALITY ASSESSMENTS provides us with standardised, useful insights regarding how candidates behave in a work context and predict job performance and company fit. By using this data, we'll also gain insights on how to improve the overall productivity and effectiveness of our teams. In house train the trainer certifications are available upon request. 

Our Assessments

SDI 2.0

Rather than focusing on WHAT we do, the SDI 2.0® helps us understand WHY we behave and HOW we relate to each other. Using Relationship Intelligence (RQ), the SDI 2.0 provides a common language for understanding what’s important.

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Workplace Big Five

These days, there are too many human resource initiatives that takes a one-size-fits-all approach with their employees. Consequently, many employees feel misplaced and under-utilized, leading to less stellar work results. That's why the Five-Factor Model continues to be the gold standard, with the various Workplace Big Five reports being used for a myriad of HR interventions.

MHS Assessments

The Change Style Indicator measures an individual's preferred style in approaching and addressing change.

The Influence Style Indicator measure's an individual's preferred style as they influence others.

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