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Leading at the Speed of Change

Are you experiencing anxiety or uncertainty stemming from a merger, acquisition, outsourcing, facility closure, manpower change or some other organization change? Too often, change initiatives fail because of poor planning, resistance to change, and lack of vision and communication. With constant change occurring in most organizations, a better understanding of how organizational changes come about, how they are planned, and the challenges inherent in the change process will facilitate smoother transitions and organizational effectiveness.

Who will Benefit:

Anyone looking forward to learn a human centered approach to problem solving and critical thinking


2 days

Workshop Outline:

  • Change Defined
  • Effects of change
  • Resistance to change
  • Framework for change
  • Planning for Change
  • Establish need for change – gap analysis Developing a business case for change Strategies for change
  • Being a Change Agent
  • Assessing personal strengths
  • Identifying personal barriers
  • Implementing Change
  • Stakeholder management
  • Changing business process
  • Coaching and supporting the transition
  • Helping others transition
  • Preparing an implementation plan
  • Sustaining organizational change
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Leading at the Speed of Change

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